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Workshops, Playshops &
Ateliers to Connect You with 
Your Divine Self

   A profound connection to the transformative power of wonder happens through co-creating with nature and decoding the language she uses to communicate with us.

   Combining the mediums of sunlight, botanicals, water and minerals, our spirits is awakened and we find magic staring back at us in the present moment.  

   In these moments of intense focus and flow, our connection to the source of our creativity bursts forth into the material world.

    As we find ourselves in the midst of the shiny digital revolution, we also long to keep a strong hold on the beauty of our physical realm.

   These day-long workshops, ateliers (studio crafts) and playshoes hold a space for joy, purpose and a profound connection to your authentic self. Through working with plants, photography, solar printing and moviemaking, you'll discover paths to be forever intertwined with the transformative power of your own creativity.

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