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   Produced for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, The Inevitable Evolution of Fort Frederick is a 30-minute, historical, broadcast documentary tells the story of a colonial fort originally built for protection from a possible Spanish incursion.

   In 1863, Fort Frederick stood at the epicenter of one of the most important events in U.S. history.

   Originally a broadcast-bound documentary for PBS, the information was reconfigured to an ARCGIS Storymap format in 2021.

   The film won a Telly Award in 2016 and several South Carolina archeological awards, including the Heritage Award for Arkhaios Film Festival.

   This one- hour broadcast documentary covers 13,000 years of history in an extraordinary valley in South Carolina.

   Horse Creek Valley is a geographically and socially unique region of South Carolina noted for its mill villages and first public school system. 

   Horse Creek: A Tale Worth the Telling touches on many aspects of the history and culture of the Horse Creek region – from the Indigenous peoples who originally lived on the banks of the creek, to the Graniteville Textile Mill owned by entrepreneur William Gregg, to the area’s current development with new industries and growth. Learn more about the story behind the documentary at the official

Produced in collaboration with the Aiken County Historical Museum, the movie features more than 20 interviews with content experts and other residents. 2016 Telly Award Winner.

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   Planter At The Gate

is a serialized production created for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and partially funded through a grant from South Carolina Humanities.

   This multi-part, historical, documentary tells the story of a planter from Edgefield who fears the loss of his way of life as a slaveholding master and the carnage that ensued.

   Currently hosted as a series on the website

and as an ARCGIS Storymap.

   Winner of 2019 Telly Award.

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   Edgewood: Stage of Southern History is a docudrama telling the complex story of the people who inhabited a backcountry-style, plantation house built in1829 by Governor Francis Pickens.

   Produced in collaboration with the University of South Carolina Aiken, the one- hour broadcast production was funded by several sources including the Humanities Council of South Carolina, the Heritage Corridor, the Julian B. Salley Endowment and the Porter Fleming Foundation.

   It was first aired in the fall of 2010, it continues be broadcast on the South Carolina ETV schedule and other web delivery hosts. 2011 CASE Grand Award Winner. 

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   Treasures: The Face Jug and the Wanderers

tells the story of researcher April Hynes, who upon receiving a gift of a strange jug with a face on from her grandfather, connected a number of descendants of African slaves from a ship called the “Wanderer” to their ancestors.

   The 30-minute, series pilot was funded by a grant from the Humanities Council of South Carolina, the Heritage Council of North Augusta and the Savannah River Archeological Institute. It premiered at The Ethnografilm Festival in Montemartre, France in April, 2018.

   Go to the link below to watch the full film and to see the interviews with the people who helped us with this project.


   Flannery's Window

is a 9-minute, personal homage to a writer who "graced" me with a window through which to more clearly view the tribe into which I was born. 

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