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Living the Numinous Life Logbook
24 - Week Curiosity Collective

Join us for a transformative weekly online, Zoom excavation into wonder as we make our way through learning the simple steps to Living A Numinous Life!

Everyday subtle cosmic messages crafted specifically for us are transmitted into our daily lives. From fleeting synchronicities to profound revelations, these invisible messages offer invaluable clues and direction.

Each week, we'll explore a new QUEST and share the ways the NUMINOUS is showing up in our lives. 

Together, by documenting our tasks in the Living the Numinous Life Logbook and Field Guide, we'll discover how the myriad of signs and symbols present themselves in an interwoven presence into (seemingly) mundane events.

Compiled by Christi Koelker, from her three decades of deciphering personal signals, this logbook guides you through the extraordinary moments that define your unique narrative by documenting the occurrences of the NUMINOUS as they unfold.

Learn how to recognize and interpret these transformative messages tailored specifically to you.

When you use the Living the Numinous Life Logbook  to record the marvelous journey you're on, you'll enhance it with a streak of wondrous self-discovery.

By chronicling your NUMINOUS experiences, you'll easily unlock a deeper understanding of the underlying, intentional design in which we all exist.

You'll learn to see coincidences as they happen and synchronicities as they unfurl in real-time.

Come along to explore the profound connection between your inner world and the cosmos in Living the Numinous Life Logbook

Find Out More About the May 16th - October  2024 
Living The Numinous Life Logbook Study Group

This is a 24-week course of study that meets (virtually on ZOOM) once per week online. Your Logbook is provided, as well as, a once per month, personal discussion with the host, Christi Koelker.

The total cost for joining this first study group is $30 which is the cost of the LIVING THE NUMINOUS LIFE LOGBOOK ON AMAZON.  

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