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Learn to Decode the Hidden
Energetic Transmissions Around You

in 24-Weeks

& See Synchronicities Unfold in Real Time


Personal & Community Moviemaking Classes & Workshops


   Personal moviemaking provides a powerful platform for people to express their deepest emotions, perspectives and experiences. Crafting stories that are most important to us - using a variety of media - allows us to bypass language barriers to show others what we can't say with words alone.

   Storycrafting encourages filmmakers to use all kinds of media that usually aren't considered a part of traditional digital or analog filmmaking. Storycrafting means showing the arts and crafts of human making including those created with paper, fabric, fiber, clay and stone. 

This approach weaves a unique narrative blending living arts into its digital documentation.

   When we find ways to show and share our personal perspectives on the smallest or largest screens, we invite audiences to borrow our eyes for a few minutes. This cross-seeing helps us to feel connected amidst the vast diversity of individual experiences.

   Personal storycrafted moviemaking becomes a transformative outlet that helps us understand ourselves and the context in which we live here on Planet Earth.

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interviews JANUARY 16-APRIL 30, 2024

Los Angeles, CA


The documentary ECHOES OF CHANGE will be in production throughout 2024. 
Stay tuned to find out when it will be premiered
in the

Los Angeles area.


Cyanotype Classes & Workshops
I Teach


   Cyanotype contact art is one of the oldest forms of fixed photographic printing. It's a friendly and dynamic medium of creative expression and an especially unique art form because the feeling one experiences when the image is revealed is always a magical moment.

   Unlike the toxic chemicals associated with traditional film contact printing, it's safe for humans to use and safe for our planet.

   Best of all, the one-of-a-kind piece you co-create with the elements of the cosmos appears like an electric light in the dark when it's washed in water.

    You'll ponder the elements you chose to create your artwork and discover more in-depth conversations with it far into the future. You may even find yourself looking at the world around you in an entirely new way and collecting pieces of it for your next Electric Blueprint experience.

   Electric Blueprints honors that "electric" moment, and the resulting deep Prussian cyan image that appears, in its name.

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